What to do after graduating

Hello beautiful people of the internet,

So lets talk about graduation. Graduation is a time of excitement and relief, but also you might be dreading it justtttttt a little bit because it signifies the end of your student lives. This means its time to find a graduate job. Sounds scary right? Don’t worry we got this!

Hopefully you’ve narrowed down what kind of career you’re after. If not don’t worry, your 20’s are all about finding yourself. I’m 23 and still doing just that. Anyway, this point applies to both. Research, research, research. You need to research into the types of roles you’re interested in. Find out exactly what the role involves. What will your daily tasks be? How many hours will you be working? Location? And of course salary!

Now don’t be disheartened if nothing catches your eye straight away. There’s always more graduate jobs being posted online. I’ve found http://www.indeed.co.uk to be pretty helpful, and my uni also has a careers page with postings on too.

So, you’ve found a job that doesn’t sound all that terrifying! What’s next? You need to work on selling yourself and your skills. To do this you need to write a CV and also a cover letter. Don’t worry too much if your degree doesn’t seem to match the job title, you may have skills that are suitable anyway. A cover letter is very important as this is what employers will see first.

Here’s a link where you can download a cover letter template and some tips on what to include: https://www.reed.co.uk/career-advice/graduate-cover-letter-template/.

Try to match your skills with those that the employer is looking for. You need to demonstrate what you have to bring to the table and why you’re the person for the job!

Ok, so now you’ve made an awesome CV and cover letter you’re good to go. Start applying and remember be patient! There are a lot of graduates out there looking for a job so don’t take it personally if you don’t get a call back straight away.

In the mean time relax a little and stay positive. One way to keep busy is networking. http://www.linkedin.com is a great way to do just that. Connect with family and friends, find suitable employers and get your name out there. Linkedin allows you to build up a profile with testimonials to your skills which is great for employers to view.

Phew! Ok, so that’s it for now. Don’t worry if everyone seems like they have their lives together, because the truth is most of them are freaking out too. So good luck with you’re job hunt and remember it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t work out. It will all be okay!

Talk soon,




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